50th Anniversary of Dega Osteotomy 13.06.2019

June 13th, 2019, thursday

Dega Transiliac Osteotomy Workshop

Workshop Chair:
prof. Marek Jóźwiak, MD PhD

Workshop Faculty:
Paweł Koczewski MD PhD, Michał Walczak MD PhD, Bartosz Musielak MD PhD

Learning objectives:
identify indications and contraindications for Dega osteotomy
understand the three-dimensional basics of acetabulum deformity and spatial correction of it
acquire basic and advanced concept of Dega osteotomy with its surgical tips & tricks
complete transiliac osteotomy technique effectively

Workshop Program:
seminars + live surgery observation + hands-on exercises (of transiliac osteotomy on sawbones)
comprehensive exposure to assessment, planning, surgery and postop protocol od Dega osteotomy, as well as:
- three dimensional visualisation of the acetabulum deformities in different hip pathologies in children
- considerations on technique modifications in different hip pathologies
every participant will perform two Dega osteotomies on the artificial bone models of the pelvis

Event general information:
event venue: Wiktor Dega Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Clinical Hospital Poznan University of Medical Sciences, Poland
workshop duration: approximately 3 hrs
workshop fee: EUR 100 / person
number of participants to be enrolled: 20
expected level of experience of participants before the workshop: intermediate and advanced
registration via e-mail: degaosteotomycourse@gmail.com